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uronic acid - noun. Biology. A category of sugar acids with equally carbonyl and carboxylic acid practical teams. They can be sugars wherein the terminal carbon's hydroxyl group has become oxidized to a carboxylic acid. Oxidation from the terminal aldehyde in its place yields an aldonic acid, when oxidation of the two the terminal hydroxyl team plus the aldehyde yields aldaric acid.

guttersnipe - noun. someone belonging to or attribute of the bottom social team inside a city; a street urchin

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roscommon - a county inside the north central Section of the Republic of Eire, during the province of Connacht; pop. 52k

In 1892, Albert von Schrenck-Notzing launched the phrase algolagnia to describe "sexual" masochism, to differentiate it from Fere's previously time period named "algophilia"; Schrenck-Notzing's interpretation was that algolagnia associated lust as Fere interpreted the phenomenon. (It ought to be cautioned, although, which the definitions regarding sadism and masochism as healthcare phrases have adjusted over the years (as also pointed out in the principle posting for that topic) and are still evolving, and There's also non-health care definitions of sadomasochism.

vampire bat - noun. a bat from Central and South The usa that sucks the blood of men and women and animals; any of several Central and South American bats Desmodus rotundus, Diaemus youngi, and Diphylla ecaudata on the subfamily Desmodontinae on the family Phyllostomidae that feed over the blood of birds and mammals and particularly domestic animals Which are occasionally vectors of disorder and especially of rabies; also any of several other bats (as in the families Megadermatidae and Phyllostomidae that feed within the blood of birds and mammals and particularly

lignite - noun. a tender, brownish-black coal through which the alteration of vegetable make a difference has proceeded even more than in peat although not in terms of in bituminous coal. Also referred to as brown coal. Also: lignitic

autohagiographer - noun. a individual who speaks or writes inside a smug way about their life and accomplishments

• N-joined glycans connected to some nitrogen of asparagine or arginine facet-chains. N-connected glycosylation involves participation of the Specific lipid known as dolichol phosphate

Malaria - noun. Malaria can be a mosquito-borne infectious condition of people and other animals brought on by parasitic protozoans(a type of unicellular microorganism) of the genus Plasmodium. Frequently, the ailment is transmitted via a Chunk from an infected woman Anopheles mosquito, which introduces the organisms from its saliva into the person's circulatory system.

spontaneous fission(SF) - noun. Chemistry. can be a form of radioactive decay that is located only in quite heavy chemical elements, since the nuclear binding Power of the elements reaches its highest at an atomic mass variety higher than about 58 atomic mass models (u)

pleurodynia - Bornholm ailment or epidemic pleurodynia or epidemic myalgia is a disease brought on by the Coxsackie B virus or other viruses.

spline - noun. an oblong key fitting into grooves while in the hub and shaft of the wheel, esp. one fashioned integrally With all the shaft that enables motion on the wheel about the shaft; a corresponding groove in a hub alongside which The main element may possibly slide.

haggis - noun. a Scottish dish consisting of the sheep's or calf's website offal blended with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning and boiled inside a bag, traditionally constructed from the animal's tummy

ligature resistant tv enclosure Halifax

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